5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Cotton Made Clothing

Cotton is known as the fabric of all people. It is estimated that more than 25 million tonnes of cotton bundles are produced each year.
Because it is a natural product, it offers all the reasons why you should prefer cotton clothes. Here are some of those reasons:

Moisture Control

It is absorbent, therefore, good for moisture control. It absorbs liquid your body very well. This helps eliminate moisture buildup between the clothes you wear and your skin to keep you dry. According to experts, cotton absorbs around one-fifth of its weight before it is completely wet.

All Weather

It is an all-weather textile, as cotton made clothing can resist varying types of temperature. It is ideal to wear for both summer heat and cold evenings. This is because cotton traps the air in between fibers of the fabric.


Cotton made clothes are hypo-allergenic. It is a known fact that cotton textile does not or rarely causes allergic issues or reaction. Most dermatologists recommend wearing this kind of fabric to ward off skin allergies. Besides, baby clothes are usually made of cotton because it compliments sensitive skin.

Less Toxic

Since it is a natural fiber, cotton is less toxic compared to any other synthetic fiber. Synthetic fibers are treated with chemicals. Most of these can be absorbed by the skin. These harms, not only the skin but the whole body as well.


Comfortability is an integral characteristic of cotton clothes. It is weather-resistant but also provides breathability between clothes and the skin. Because it is so comfortable to wear, many prefer cotton fabrics even if it comes to underwear and undershirts.