Uathayam is a part of the prestigious three-decade old company in Erode started in the year 2003. Banking on the company's reputation for quality and service, the company launched its first product, Uathayam dhotis.

Dhotis are not just traditional costume for the South Indian men, but it is also a symbol of prestige, culture and character. The whiteness of Uathayam dhotis denotes purity & perfection. Straight after launch, Uathayam dhotis have become a part of popular traditional wear in the southern states.

From dhotis, we moved on to manufacturing and marketing of Uathayam white shirts for the man on the move. The latest arrival in our line of men's products is the range of inner wear which is soft, comfortable & trendy.

Of course, we are focused on our future products. We want to develop further and cover newer markets. We want to do a lot more in terms of increasing our product range and delivering quality and value to our customers, each and every time.