Kurta Designs for Men to Style in Different Occasions

Kurtas have long been a traditional Indian subcontinent attire for both men and women. Simple kurtas for men were beloved among poets, artists, and academics in the nineteenth century, and cotton was the most favoured fabric since it suited the Indian heat best. Silk kurtas were labelled for special occasions and affluent people. Loose kurtas were popular among the young hippie movement in the 1960s and 1970s. Kurtas for men are now recognized as versatile attire that can be worn daily and in formal and informal settings.

Kurtas come in a variety of patterns and styles, making it challenging to choose which one to wear for a specific event. So, here's a men's fashion guide to help you understand which kurta is appropriate for which occasion.

Why do men wear kurtas?

The importance of traditional clothing in a man's wardrobe cannot be overstated. A kurta pajama's alluring appeal and elegance are simply unrivalled. Whether it's a lavish wedding or a formal event, you can rely on a royal men's kurta pajama set to help you sail through all situations and look fantastic every time.

Combining a men's kurta with jeans is one of the most common semi-casual wear ensembles. The possibilities are nearly limitless, whether you mix a black Pathani kurta with dark blue faded jeans or a basic white kurta with a pair of denim.

Why are kurtas popular among men?

Kurta pajamas are popular among men for a multitude of reasons. For starters, they are quite comfy and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Second, they are versatile attire that may be worn for formal as well as informal situations. Additionally, kurta pajamas are flattering on all body shapes and look great on everyone. Finally, they come in all sorts of colours, designs, and sizes, making it simple to select one that matches your taste and style.

A Guide on Men’s Kurta designs:

  • Pre-wedding celebrations

We have all heard that you can't attend a wedding without attending all pre-wedding events. You must dress up three to four times before and after the wedding.

It goes without saying that the Haldi ritual requires a yellow kurta. For this event, use a light fabric and keep your wardrobe basic. The Sangeet is a joyous affair, and you know you'll be dancing during it. As a result, a loose-fitting, basic silk kurta is the finest option. You may select between brown, tan, light blue, or pink. The reception necessitates a sophisticated yet comfortable outfit. Choose an Indo-western men's kurta. These kurtas are typically one colour with a collar.

  • Weddings

Choose a striking wedding kurta with loads of embroidery on lustrous silk fabric for your own wedding. Combine it with a churidar bottom, dupatta, and other wedding accessories to enhance the appearance. When attending a wedding, pick a dark-coloured kurta, such as blue, green, black, or maroon. Collared kurtas are a popular wedding attire. If your kurta lacks a collar, you may combine it with a complementing Nehru jacket.

  • Festivals

Men's designer kurtas are gorgeous clothing that provides the wearer with a regal and majestic appearance. Kurta dresses for men are available in a variety of designs and colours and are meticulously crafted from a range of materials. Other options include an Indian kurta with zardozi decoration or a linen kurta for men. Kurta designs for men have seen artistic evolution in the preceding decade, going from plain khadi men's kurta to designer printed kurta for men on the fashion runways.

  • Casual look

Traditional landowners and tax collectors used to wear traditional attire in India, but it is now becoming a fashion statement. It's worn by uber-cool males to add a unique touch to their casual wear. If you have been sporting t-shirts with shorts at home, try experimenting with short kurtas as well. Short kurtas for men come in an array of designs, and many of them include modernized elements to appeal to modern men's tastes.

Which fabric is the best for men's kurta?

Once you have decided on the colours you want to use in your outfit, you can go on to the next step: selecting the appropriate fabric. This is especially true if you have an outfit custom-made. Kurtas made of cotton are popular since they are gentle on the skin and allow the wearer to breathe. Cotton kurtas are an excellent choice for men to wear at home during the hot summer months.

Cotton is the most popular fabric for everyday use due to its softness and breathable feel. Furthermore, the fabric is simple to dye in many colours, making it a versatile option. Silk is another popular option since it is more luxurious and classic. Wedding garments are made of heavy and thick materials such as Mysore silk or Banarasi silk. Georgette is commonly used for designer apparel because of its fall and softness. In comparison to its silky counterpart, synthetic chiffon can be dyed into a variety of colours, making it easier to personalize.

How long should men’s kurta be?

Kurtas with sleeves and cuffs that are knee or waist length can be worn with jeans and slacks. Shorter versions of kurtas are a wonderful combination of modern and ethnic design details, making them refreshing and urbane in their appeal. Popular for their jacketed style or Chinese collar, choosing one that fits you well and has a basic design is best.

Longer kurtas are often knee-length or in a classic A-shaped design. The optimal length of the versatile article of apparel for Indian men is an inch and a half below the knee.

How can men look stylish in kurta?

One of the most appealing aspects of men's kurtas is their adaptability, allowing them to be worn for formal and informal occasions. For example, if you're going to a wedding, you may always match your designer kurta for men with exquisite Indian mojaris. For a modest yet elegant look, pair a basic Indian men's kurta pajama set with a maroon bandhani dupatta. A vibrant kurta for men paired with a well-fitting pair of denim for a laid-back party feels echoes "chilled out."


Men's kurtas Fashion has made a comeback. Kurtas, which were once solely worn as ethnic wear for males, have grown into a popular casual wear choice for men as well as a generally recognized option for ceremonial clothing. This traditional men's attire is an excellent way to represent your heritage while being comfortable.