How Do You Choose The Perfect Kurta For Any Occasion? Let's Guide You.

The length of the kurta, the best colour for men, and other elements that add to style, comfort, and event appropriateness must all be considered when selecting the ideal kurta for any occasion. 

Whatever the occasion—a formal event, a laid-back get-together, or a joyous celebration—choosing the perfect kurta for men can dramatically improve your appearance and guarantee you look your best. 

Here's a comprehensive guide on choosing the perfect kurta for men for any occasion.

Understanding Kurta Length: Finding the Right Fit

kurta length

When choosing a kurta, length is one of the first things to consider. Kurta length significantly impacts how the garment feels and looks overall. Kurtas are typically available in various lengths, ranging from short ones that fall just above the knee to longer ones that might fall well below the knee.

Short Kurta Length:

man wearing short kurta

Because of their versatility, short kurtas can be worn every day or for more formal occasions like social gatherings. They look great with jeans or casual trousers for a fresh, contemporary style.

Medium Kurta Length: 

These kurtas finish at the knee or slightly below. For semi-formal occasions like family get-togethers or joyous festivities, they are perfect. Medium-length Kurtas achieve a harmonious blend of conventional and modern designs.

Long Kurta Length:


Long kurtas are appropriate for weddings, religious ceremonies, and formal events because they give a more formal and traditional appearance. Usually, they are paired with dhotis or churidars, classic pants.

Finding the Best Kurta Colour for Men: Elevating Your Style

When choosing a kurta, colour is crucial because it greatly influences how the outfit looks. The event, the time of day, and the wearer's skin tone all influence the ideal kurta colour for men. Here's a guide to help you select the perfect kurta colour:

Think about the occasion: 

Have you had a wedding or a formal gathering? Rich colours like deep blues, maroons, or even a classic cream can make you look every bit of the part. For something less formal, softer shades work wonders—think pastel blues or gentle greens for a relaxed vibe.

Where and when is your event?

Lighter shades are your best friend if you're heading outdoors, especially under the bright sun. They don't just look good; they feel good, keeping you cool. Inside? You've got more freedom. Just remember, lighting inside can play tricks with colours, so what looks one way at home might look another under different lights.

What's the weather saying?

Seasons change, and so should your colour choices. Spring and summer are all about those bright and breezy colours. When fall and winter roll around, it's time to switch it up to darker, richer tones.

What looks good on you?

It is all about finding colours that complement your skin tone. If you're lighter, darker colours can make for a striking contrast. Medium skin tones? Earthy tones are your go-to. And bright colours or light pastels can look stunning if you've got a darker skin tone.

6 More Ways to Choose The Perfect Kurta For Any Occasion

The kurta, in actuality, has transcended regional boundaries to become a global statement in fashion from South Asia. From casual to formal, any festivity, from casual wear to formal gatherings, the kurta can be adorned at all sorts of occasions.

Here are the six tips for picking a kurta to suit the occasion and elevate your style.

Layering Options:

To elevate the style of your kurta, consider combining it with classic attire such as a vest or coat. This approach introduces layers to your ensemble, enriching its complexity and visual appeal. 

Opting for a snug vest can refine your outfit, imparting elegance, while a coat offers comfort and safeguards against chilly weather. Delve into various materials, hues, and patterns to craft a unique outfit that showcases your flair and character.

Material Should Be Considered:

The material is something that is very much essential, as it sets a bar for comfort and style level in any kurta.

If lightweight cotton or linen is ideal for the day and kinder weather, it will yield a good texture. But in cold weather or when evening falls, thicker fabrics such as silk, velvet, or brocade give warmth and smartness to the get-up. The fabric should suit the event venue and be a comfort for you. 

Fit and Comfort:

The right fit is indispensable to carrying a kurta well.

It should not be too tight or loose but offer the flexibility to move easily and style. Custom-tailored kurtas are always a great option, as they help ensure the perfect fit and the pleasure of putting on something special for a special occasion. Always focus on comfort with style, as this will bring more confidence to you and make you enjoy the event from your heart. 

Focus on Detailing:

The detailing in a kurta, like embroidery, print, or adding embellishments, can make a huge difference to the overall look of it.

Opt for kurtas with exquisite details for all your formal events, adding volume to the tale of craftsmanship and elegance. Go for kurtas with fine prints or less embroidery for a softer look, ideal for casual or semi-formal events. The details should have synergy with the hue and texture of the kurta so that they do not become the focal point instead of your presence.

Accessorise Sparingly:

The perfect accessories can either make or break an outfit.

Accessorise your kurta correctly to a proportionate amount for the look to stand out. For traditional events, think about stealing a mojari (a form of conventional shoe) or a turban, depending on the setting it may accompany. Pair it with minimalistic jewellery, and stylish but comfortable footwear can enhance your kurta with a contemporary look. But remember, all of this is proportionate to the accessory and the kurta's style. 

Reflect Your Style:

After all, the kurta you wear should represent your style and make you feel confident. Whether traditional or a modern form of the kurta, go for whatever resonates with your fashion sense. Experiment with the style and fabric to discover your fashionable style that will reflect your personality, respecting the calls of events similarly. 


Choosing the ideal kurta is about expressing your individuality and honouring the mood of the occasion, not just about picking out a piece of apparel. You can select a gorgeous kurta that feels amazing to wear by considering the type of event, the fabric selection, the colour scheme, the fit, the detailing, the accessories, and your style. 

The perfect kurta colour and length for men showcase your style and blend perfectly with the event, enabling you to leave a lasting impression.