Men's Shirts: Know the Types


Have trouble finding the perfect shirt online? Shopping for clothes has never been easier, and it has many benefits.

We don't need to stand in long lines at the check-out counter or hop from store to store looking for the ideal item. Online shopping makes it possible to browse through hundreds of different brands and styles, from the comfort of our homes. However, while shopping online can be convenient and exciting, finding right websites that sell quality clothing is also important.  Because what you are buying, should be worth your time and money.

Things You should know before buying shirts online

Shirts are among the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. They are suitable for all occasions. To pick the right shirt for any occasion, you have to select the right style.

If you're shopping online, a few things must be kept in mind:

The Fit: A well-fitted shirt is the most basic and important item in a man's wardrobe. You'll feel in control, like a head honcho, when you wear a clean, crisp shirt that fits perfectly. Different brands have different sizing charts. When ordering, be sure to give the correct size to avoid receiving the wrong clothing.

Quality: Shop from reputed websites and read customer reviews before making the purchase. When buying shirts online, you get to read product descriptions related to fabric, its composition and its characteristics. This helps you make informed buying decisions. If a brand does not specify material specifications in detail, one can assume that the cotton fabric is of inferior quality.

The Return/Exchange Policy: If you have a size or quality issue, always check the return/exchange policy. Websites should provide an easy exchange feature within 15 days of purchase.

Discounts: Websites offer various discounts and promotions. Please pay attention to them to get the best deals. Fabric quality determines how a shirt will look on your body and how long the shirt will last after repeated washings.

Style: To build a versatile wardrobe, find a balance between trend-driven pieces and classic essentials. Solid shirts are the most versatile, yet classic and formal. Checked shirts are brilliant for both formal and casual occasions.

How to choose the right shirt for the right occasion?

Men's wardrobe needs different types of shirts based on lifestyle and occasions.

For Office A plain formal shirt is ideal for every day work wear. It is comfortable and classy and preferable in an office environment. It is also highly versatile, matching casual and tailored outfits.

For Weddings The shirt you choose for this occasion, will depend on your role on the wedding day. If you are the groom, a white cotton shirt perfectly complements a grand Mayil-Kann border veshti. For guests, a classic white shirt would be practical and stylish with traditional veshtis or chinos and loafers.

Online offerings for Men

Printed Shirts

They were considered as attention-grabbing and loud for years. Today, trendy shirts are available in various stylish patterns and colours. These shirts work well for a casual day, a holiday mood, a night out, and informal business meetings. For work, plain shirts and pinstripes are ideal. A printed shirts makes a bold statement and allows one to express his individuality

Linen Shirts

We love linen clothes because they are so comfortable. By choosing classic styles in this timeless fabric, you are future-proofing your wardrobe as well as feeling ready for the upcoming season. During summer, breathable clothes are crucial, and linen fabric efficiently absorbs sweat and wicks moisture away from your skin while regulating your body temperature.

Silk Shirts

Silk shirts have been gaining popularity as contemporary fashion for men, suitable for casual or formal occasions. Your wardrobe would not be complete without a simple, classic silk shirt. Silk is a lightweight fabric that feels soft, comfortable, and luxurious. Despite its delicate appearance, silk is solid and durable, that never grows out of style. You can wear it on a night out and for an elegant, classic work look.

Checked Formal Shirts

Considered as smart, practical, and comfortable, you can pair these shirts with your favorite pants or veshtis. All-day long, they stay crisp and wrinkle-free, so you will always look your best. They are stylish enough to wear to your daily Zoom call, but won't look out of place at a party either.

AQUA Stain Free White Shirts

Your typical white shirt just got upgraded!! No matter the occasion, a white shirt can be a stand-out as well as elegantly understated. The colour White is ideal for formals. You don't have to worry about spilling tea or coffee with our aqua stain-free fabric. They add functionality to your wardrobe, and are suitable for both casual and formal events.

Pop Colour Shirts

If you love bright colours, this is it!! You will certainly "pop" out of a crowd in these shirts. When worn with our veshtis and trousers they are bound to make heads turn. Colours like maroon, yellow, blue, and red grab the attention and help you display your style. Best for casual wear and special occasions.

How Uathayam is the best option for Men’s Shirts Online?

We offer menswear that is both stylish and classic at the same time and lets you discover your own style. Our wide range, includes everything from traditional white to trendy printed shirts. When it comes to quality shirts online, Uathayam is the right choice.