South Indian Groom Outfit Ideas for All Ceremonies

South Indian grooms draw as much attention as their stunning leading women, who have the guests completely smitten with the wedding outfit for grooms. South Indian brides capture our hearts, but grooms are no less charming these days, and their simplicity has us swooning. Weddings and fashion go hand in hand in India. This is the time of year when fashion in the film turns mainstream. We all want to look like celebrities during our weddings, and donning the best groom outfit plays a huge factor.

Gone are the days when only brides worried about their wedding attire. Modern grooms, too, make an effort to seem stylish on their wedding day.  They aren't far behind when it comes to getting facials, manicures and pedicures, as well as choosing their wedding attire. While maintaining their appearance hip and elegant, they are not afraid to ditch voguish outfits in favour of traditional kurta and Mundu. Grooms who choose to keep things classic on their wedding day, make sure to wear a bolder and much more modern outfit on the day of their reception.

South Indian Groom Outfit Ideas for Different Ceremonies

Every region has its own set of traditional attire. This could be an overwhelming experience, but it is also an opportunity to learn more about one's own rich culture. On your wedding day, your outfit says a lot about you. If you're not sure what to wear to your wedding or reception, here are some ideas. Allow us to introduce you to these fascinating South Indian wedding trends along with Indian groom wedding outfits.


This is the engagement, also known as Nischitartham, in South Indian weddings. The rituals begin early with the Nischay Tamulam ceremony (usually during the engagement), in which the families set the wedding date. The pair exchanges rings at this ceremony, and the groom wears a modest Sherwani or a Dhoti Kurta. Another alternative is to wear a Kurta with a Nehru Jacket. A classic Kurta-pajama, on the other hand, might be a great choice as Indian groom outfit for a traditional engagement ceremony.


For Brahmins and Kshatriyas and Vaishyas, Odugu (Upanayanam/Brahmopadesam) is an important milestone in their lives. The sacred thread ceremony signifies the end of boy’s childhood and his transition into adulthood before marriage. He is initially draped in a traditional dhoti with cotton and silk-blend vest.  Later he changes into a yellow/mustard cotton dhoti and shawl, both of which are typical traditional attires. 


The ritual of Snathakam is done at the groom's residence either on the morning of the wedding or a few hours ahead of the Muhurtam (auspicious time). As part of the ritual, the groom is required to wear a silver holy thread throughout the ceremony.  He is donned in a traditional Dhoti-shawl outfit made of Kanchi-silk or Pattu material. This is one of the most popular styles preferred for an Indian groom.

Kashi Yatra

The Snathakam is soon followed by a joyous celebration known as Kashi Yatra. This is a custom in which the groom pretends to leave and refuses the marriage proposal. And the bride's father and brother intervene and persuade him to marry. The groom wears the same clothing as he did for the Snathakam, but with a few embellishments added! A pair of traditional wooden slippers, an umbrella, and a canvas bag completes the ensemble. 


When it comes to the wedding or Pelli, India offers a plethora of traditional clothes to choose from. However, golden and rich silk fabric can be spotted at a South Indian wedding for the most part. The groom is decked in a dhoti, vest, and a silk wrap around him. Typically, the fabric is silk or Kanchi Pattu. The groom changes into white cotton dhotis after the initial ceremony and Jeelakarra-Bellam.


The Vratham is the last function following the wedding. This is a Pooja, performed by a priest and a newlywed couple. In the Vratham, they pray as a married couple. The South Indian groom outfit for this occasion is simply a traditional kurta and dhoti/Pyjama, or alternatively a dhoti with a vest and fabric wrapped around him. The pair is now officially married!

Things you should know before selecting the wedding outfit for groom

When it comes to menswear, fitting takes precedence over style. In contrast to the Indian bride, who is often required to wear red on her wedding day, there is no such rigid restriction in the case of the Indian groom's outfit. It goes without saying that he should select a color that compliments his skin tone. Pure silk, tussar, silk brocades, rich velvets, resham jamdanis, or gorgeous raw silks should be used for Indian groom attire. It is important for him to select an outfit made out these fabrics, in order to match the glam factor of his bride's outfit.

Furthermore, since most grooms do not wear jewellery, there is no need to worry about the jewellery design conflicting with the work on the bodice of your kurta. So, to match the grandeur of your bride's lehenga or saree, choose an outfit with rich and exquisite embellishments.

Types of groom outfits offered by Uathayam

Tradition will never go out of style. No matter what trend comes and goes, traditional outfits have a feel during a wedding that no modern designer attire can match. It's the connection we have with our past, the anchor that keeps us grounded. Consequently, while embarking on a new phase of life, we should try to carry a part of our heritage with us in the form of rituals, places, and even clothing.

Staying true to our tradition, Uathayam brings you the best collection of outfits for grooms truly fit for your most auspicious wedding event. The three exclusive collections include a fine set of Cream Colour Silk Mix Shirt, Double Dhoti, Towel, Dhoti Belt, Hand Kerchief and Perfume.


South Indian weddings have recently evolved exquisitely, particularly in terms of outfits.  Today, these weddings are the essence of traditions, well-preserved with a dash of modernity.  It is time to share the stylish limelight and amaze the crowd. Grooms should devote some time to plan their wedding attire. After all, this is your big day and appearing less than striking is out of the question.

Take a cue from these wedding outfits for grooms, if you are getting ready to tie the knot or if you are going to attend a South Indian wedding. Now that you have a guide to follow, you can decide on the style, then go about your hunt for the perfect outfit.