Wearing Dhoti in Different Styles

Dhoti is one of the most ancient and traditional styles that men carry with style. It is undoubtedly an iconic part of the Indian culture and has gained a lot of attention lately. The dhoti styles have evolved, taking many different forms with the changing time and change in trends. These dhotis are now making a statement in all the major runways and also on the streets.

So, let's take a look at the different styles in which dhotis are being perceived in today’s world.

The Dhoti Kurta Combo

It is a practice of both Indian men and women to wear traditional attires on Indian occasions and festivals. After understanding the art of draping dhoti, the traditional dhoti kurta style is just the right pick for those types of celebrations.

And gone are those days when men used to don only western wear for all occasions. People have again started showering their love and respect towards the Indian culture and the Indian attires.

The Dhoti Salwar Combo

When dhoti gets combined with a salwar, the attire gets even more stylish. Everyone loves wearing a dhoti salwar these days and it is immensely popular in outfits for weddings or any Indian festivals. They come in different colors, various types of fabrics, embroideries, sequins and so much more. You can pair them up with different types of kurtas, shirts, and t-shirts.

One simple trick to flaunt them easily is to buy basic dhoti-salwar and pair them up with whatever you wish them to be teamed with, it will always look good. This combination is one way to answer the question “How to wear a dhoti?”

We hope this blog on different styles of wearing dhoti is helpful to you. And we also hope that you will go ahead and try these styles out. Do let us know if you have any further questions or any more styles that you are unaware of. We'd be happy to answer!